Good morning. I was looking through my feed an


Good morning. I was looking through my feed and I came across this post from several years back of this bowl of goodness that I need to recreate ASAP! I used to crave sweet breakfasts often but obviously my taste buds changed over the years, however after seeing this I may need to throw them into the mix every once in a while.
Throwing it back to this scrumptious bowl of oats cooked in coconut almond milk πŸ₯› with some chia seeds and vanilla yogurt mixed in, topped with raw Manuka honey 🍯, pecans, strawberries πŸ“ and cacao nibs 🍫. It looks so darn good and my goodness that was one scrumptious bowl! Hope you’re day is going well.


  1. Yummm! I always crave sweet breakfasts (or maybe it’s because they’re usually less effortπŸ˜†)


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